Woodland creatures (gender non-specific)

hi there! I'm back with another update on my (slowly) improving site. I finished a baby quilt during my intermission and I'm so pleased to show you and hear your thoughts!

I have a friend who is into woodland creatures so I bought this fabric to make her a quilt for her baby. We won't know the gender until he's (or she's) born, so I've been creative. This friend of mine loves gray, so I started there and added a gender non-specific red and blue. It's not exactly patriotic, but I think it works for boy or girl and definitely has a nice look to it. 

Here is one pre-binding:

Upclose of the swirly little quilting lines. At first I was worried that the squiggles made it look like the bunnies and woodland creatures were caught in barbed wire (read: Watership Down, Richard Adams). But upon closer observation, it can appear as though the lines are the bunnies' and squirrels' path through the woods of this baby quilt. I always worry, as you know, that somehow my gifts will give their tiny recipients baby's first nightmare. Not my objective. 

Can you see the bunnies' path above?

Captioned on the quilt:

 Bound, signed, sealed and almost delivered:


I did the quilting myself and had a dream last night that all of the stitches came out! But in my dream, interestingly enough, I was a much more gifted quilter. I made these squiggly heart shaped loops that were absolutely adorable. In my actual world, I am not quite there. 

 Here is the closer look with all done:

This fabric is from the Purl Soho boutique, which also offers great free patterns for sewing, embroider, knitting and crochet projects. Many of them are great for beginners, so I've been trolling it constantly on my quest to learn knitting. More on that in the future.... I have to do some embellishments before my knitting project is ready to showcase. 

Did you have a great St. Patrick's Day? Adam and I went to the parade for the first time ever. It was warm and gorgeous and we had a nice time. 

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