Another day at the beach

hi, you faithful!
Are you losing interest in this blog? I wouldn't blame you at all! I haven't been terrible consistent. I vow that I will try to do better. Look at these charming kitties that my dad takes care of:

They are hardly even kittens anymore, but full-sized cats. I love how they sleep curled up as kittens. So precious. They obviously lead a contented life.

And now, more pictures! I have gotten into the habit of giving many things away--baby presents, blankets--and so I read to take pictures of them so you don't miss them. And now it extends to thank-you notes, for me, which I would have never intended to keep for myself. Here is one for a woman who helped me with a shower-related task:


The shower has an owl theme, so I gave a "thank you-whoooo" Starbucks giftcard  to a friend who helped with a project. Cute, huh?

And now to the piece de resistance, the baby bikini:

This is finally the right size! Three to nine months, woo-hoo! Adam did me the huge favor of running to Wal-Mart to get these as I made him dinner. I sewed the rick-rack as we watched "My Week With Marilyn" and now I am, mercifully, done. Let's see what else I can come up with to make for this shower--homemade caramel perhaps? I bet I do, just because it's so fun to make. 

Type to you soon!