Could you be the most beautiful cake in the world?

I don't know whether the Post Office is smiling on me or if I perhaps sent off a check to Bon Appetit after happy hour one night, but I have the glorious experience of receiving Bon Appetit monthly and it's slimmer that I remember it being in the 90s, but chock full of recipes for me to try (and drool over).

I have an affinity for the Washington Post food writing, but when it came to my mom's birthday I asked her to make the call. Did she want chocolate cake from the WaPo or orange marmalade cake from Bon Appetit? I am sure you can tell from the intro that she went with this orange marmalade cake. And I am so glad she did!

This is the final cake, note the topping is candied orange peel. I tried a new method that gave me the orangiest candied orange peels I have ever tasted... so wonderful!

In the photo below, the cake sits next to Adam and my mom's birthday present. It looks almost like a coffee cake, and I do think it would work well at a breakfast or brunch with a nice cup of coffee. And orange juice? That might be a little much.

 The cake leftover was even more delicious on day two, I believe because the orange glaze soaked into the edges. It has the right amount of sweetness to it. And Adam, who isn't that into sweets said, "It has a perfect balance of flavors." He also said it reminded of something he couldn't place... And then I said, "we should use this batter for donuts!"

And the Homer Simpson that Adam is cried, "Yes, that's it!"

And then he told me I am amazing. I appreciate that very much.

And above we have Adam and the unveiling of the cake. I took pictures of my mom, too, but I believe she would be horrified to see them posted on the Internet. So here's another little gift to you, Mom. Happy birthday!