Non-power-generating windmills

Hi everyone! As I type this to you, I'd like to note that I am posting this in advance because on the day this post will appear (a gorgeous Saturday, I'm sure) I will be sitting in GMAT prep class, learning how to ace the quantitative section so I can get an MBA. Because we all know that what I really need is another advanced degree. But after this I will be done. Done. Seriously done. So in advance of the black and white math I will endure, I have front-loaded some colorful pictures.

I am back to work on Grandma Hazel's quilt. I have completed 18 squares as of this entry and will hope to complete another few this week. My goal is to finish this by July since that's when we'll mark 20 years (cannot believe it) since we lost her. I think maybe I need 16 more? I want this to be jumbs ("jumbo" in Sarah speak) and we're not there yet. It's not even a twin size. I want at least a double.

And not to get all "Julie and Julia" on you, but working on this project really gives me a sense of my grandma. I am using her pattern book for the design. And I am using mostly her fabric scraps, with a few of my own sprinkled through, but generally the pieces feel pre-selected and at moments I feel like I'm merely the worker bee in the scenario. I wonder alot about the individual fabric scraps, were they from a shirt or dress? Did she have a plan to use them in a quilt? And these are questions impossible to answer. So I spend time just wondering while I work. I also think how she would not mess up seams like me or end up with final squares that are completely different sizes than other completed squares--was I not doing it exactly the same all along? I bet she didn't have to rip out that many seams when she was making quilt tops. She probably wasn't listening to much Tool as she was sewing either--but I don't think that was even a band then. I can say with certainty that she would have hated Tool.

Here's where we are...

Kitten hides in the bottom left corner.

Now she hides at the right. Eventually I will show a picture of the whole thing in its entirety.

Kitten in thoughtful repose on my quilt squares. I won't lie, this is a picture of the princess and not really the quilt. I can't help myself, I must sneak these in.

The latest completed square uses varying shades of purple. This represents purple's debut in the windmill quilt. The top right quadrant contains my favorite fabric of this block and something about it reminds me of a good memory that I can't place. I would be surprised if the same fabric works its way into a new block. We have more of it!

Alright, you the faithful, I will sign off. Back to work for me! My assistant is napping so I'd better get as much done before she begins her inspection round.

Have a great weekend!