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You there! Hello!

Happy rainy Sunday morning to you. It is a quiet day at the Household of Kitten. The place is in utter disarray as half-done sewing projects, GMAT study materials, accounting homework and ambitious kitchen concoction materials are scattered about. 

Today would be a good day to tackle every heap and clear away the rubbish, but I think I shall focus on my windmills. But I can take an opportunity to show you a mid-way project. The baby shower last weekend was a smashing success. I have some pictures to post on another day. Tomorrow, perhaps, as Scarlett O'Hara would suggest?

I had scraps left from the baby quilt I gave away at the shower and my first thought was to save them for someday in the future when I would need them for something not yet determined. But then I realized that I only have 653 square feet--give or take--and that doesn't allow for mindless stashing. So Adam laid them out in a rectangle and we have the perfect little dolly quilt. Since my friend's baby, Eleanor, is a girl, I thought I could just sew them into a matching little quilt for her when she's like 3 or 4. I imagine the original one will still be useful for her picnics or playtime, so why not give her doll one to match?

So the, above, is the  first pass at this. I added some extra squares that I kept finding under other stacks and it got slightly bigger.

Once it was sewed together it looked like this (plus one Kitten). And maybe today or another day (tomorrow, Scarlett?) I will put a backing on it, quilt it and then give it away. I will post a picture before I do though, promise.

And, finally, I have a work-in-progress picture for you that shows little to no work, but I actually have accomplished quite a bit. I put the binding on my star quilt and sewed the backside and mitered the edges. The handsewing of the front side is all that remains to be done, but as you see below, Kitten doesn't mind that the edges aren't quite finished. I will attempt to finish that up today.

Type to you soon with updates and windmills! Have a great day!