This blog still exists

Hello there! I hope you had a good and safe Fourth of July. We have been busy here in the household of Kitten preparing for the August wedding. Oh my.

That's why I've been so infrequently sharing updates. But it's not that I've forgotten you. I've been saving up things to share! 

We've also had some time for projects and watching really cheesy 80s movies--Beverly Hills Cop anyone? My favorite thing--next to Ponak's chile rellenos. So I have some photos for you--

Kitten sits atop a receiving blanket that will make its way to South Carolina in a few days.

And here are the zinnias I picked up yesterday from the farmer's market. I absolutely love the colors and I think we can work them into our engagement pictures this afternoon. I biked home with these in my basket--nervous the whole time that they would get too hot or fall out of the basket. But they survived, along with my farm eggs. What a relief!
This left color here, which I call apricot, is one of our wedding colors. It complements the other color, bruise purple, quite nicely.

More of the lovely flowers. I hope you enjoy them.

Talk to you soon!