A big wedding to-do

Hello everyone! As you're probably well aware, today is the big day! Kitten is helping me with my last-minute to do list (above) and is visibly irritated at my ease of distraction. We were supposed to get something together, (what was it?) but instead we decided to work on Grandma Hazel's quilt. And watch Teen Mom. They're having a marathon!


I woke up at 8:24 on 8/25 ready to go. But it wasn't time to go anywhere, so I had to choose between riding my bike to the farmer's market or working on my quilt. I had a few purple pieces to put together, so I made the square below, before I forget what it was I planned to do.



Here it is (above) with the gorgeous skyline behind us. It looks overcast and may rain, but hopefully just in spurts. Whenever Adam and I discuss rain on the wedding day, one of starts singing that (horrible) Alanis Morrisette song, "Ironic," so we try to avoid talking about it at all possible costs. 

Of course, I can't talk to Adam all day long, until the wedding ceremony. He said we must have "radio silence," which is much more difficult than I anticipated. I believe that is a good sign. And I think we'll have a gorgeous day, regardless of whether it rains. 

Speaking of a gorgeous days, look what happened a few weeks ago when the sun set. I took many many pics.

 The colors of the sky are sort of our wedding colors, with more emphasis on the pinks/peaches.

And here's the little princess:

 I'm going to wrap up now and actually get some stuff going. Wish us minimal rain! Talk to you soon!