Hello you!

Adam and I only have 16 days to go and then we're going to make this whole marriage thing official. Look what I found at the grocery store:

It has our date on it. I will save it always. Or probably recycle it around the time we leave on our honeymoon.

I was re-watching The Help last night and a storm came through. It finally rained a little bit. But then I looked out of the window and saw this. It was much more gorgeous in real life, but this is what the camera captured:

And then finally, I finished yet another square, my third this week! Of course, I don't even have to tell you that the size is screwed up. One of these days it will come together alright.

I had a dream that I found a drawer full of these that were already finished and I had enough to do a quilt. But not yet. I will be a married lady before I finish this opus.

Type to you soon. Good to see you.