Pickin up the pieces

Somehow, some way, in the midst of all the swirling activity and excitement of wedding planning and, ahem, gainful employment, I have found renewed vigor for my project to make a quilt with Grandma Hazel's scraps and patterns. On a recent family visit, my aunt gave me a new bag of my grandma's cherished scraps. Some are familiar patterns that I wished for more of (wish granted) and others super new and even more beloved for their newness to me. 

This weekend I stayed up late watching Breakfast at Tiffany's to work on cutting and spent time with Julie and Julia on Sunday night sewing and documenting all my work. I completed two more squares! You won't be surprised to learn that neither is the same size. I am not adept at this, but I refuse to give up.

I cut a brand new sandpaper triangle on Sunday because I believe the one I cut on Saturday night included an error that may have messed with my sizing. But never mind that. No one will notice when it's all done, right?

More scraps on the cutting board. I loved the plaid in the pic, but I didn't have big enough pieces for this project, so I sewed them together to make a bigger scrap. This is a lesson from the pioneer quilters and, I'll admit, I felt very resourceful when I looked at my completed square.

This is pre-stitching. Kind of a draft, if you will. Blue lines. It's going to the printer this way and we're sewing it into permanence.

Look at Kitten lounging near the pile of possibilities, or what you may refer to as scraps. 

And here's the completed one, at an angle. I adore this fabric-especially the plaid and lavender floral in the lower right hand corner (but don't tell the others--I don't want to play favorites)

This is the piece I sewed on Sunday morning. It has the size issues, but the colors are so great, it doesn't even matter. Am enchanted. 

A better view, but sideways. Kitten is eyeing me now and I think that means I shall close for now.

Thanks so much for checking in. I have all sorts of exciting things to share--after August 25.

See you soon.