Seven days

We're getting close to the Big Day here at the Household of Kitten, but would you believe we're still working on Grandma Hazel's quilt? We are, albeit slowly.

I just came home from a Saturday morning meeting and I believe it's the most beautiful day of the year so far. I am glad I had a reason to get up so early because I never seem to enjoy an early morning out and about during the week. We've had a few nice days lately. It's been good to have some gorgeous Kansas City weather after a sweltering summer. 

We are sitting in my apartment this afternoon with the window open and the cool breeze blowing through. But enough of my updates, I have pictures for you!

Here's Kitten sitting atop my piles of (freshly ironed) fabric scraps. One of them is particularly beautiful and I'd like to find more like it for the back side of the finished project.I believe I will search carefully and long to find this, because I think it'd be worth it. I love the idea of a patterned back side of the finished quilt.

 Kitten does look a little unfriendly in this pic, I'll admit, but probably because she thinks mama is going to make her move off of her comfy warm spot. In case you were wondering--Kitten remained planted in that spot.

Here's a square I finished sometime between now and when I last posted--I can't even remember when I did this! The days are running together and going by so quickly. For those of you who are very detail-oriented, you'll note that the bottom right-hand quadrant has one piece from my starburst quilt in it. All the other pieces are Grandma's though. 
 The full pieced square.

These are two triangles I will use in an upcoming piece. I cobbled these together from two really great scraps that shared elements but weren't big enough to make a whole triangle. From a design perspective, I am thrilled with this. I love the vibrant colors and the negative-space-ish aspect of the purple/white.

I doubt I have another square to show you this month, but I will have lots of neat stuff to show you soon. Keep checking in! Thanks for stopping by!

PS-Just came across this mouth-watering recipe.  My guess is that this will be one of the first to be made especially for the lovely cake stands that Adam and I were given for our wedding. I will post pictures as soon as I use them, that's a promise.