Flag football

Hello there! I am posting from a new location. Yes, we've moved to Brookside. Aside from the culture shock (the sheer amount of gluten-free people boggles the mind, we may well be in Kansas City's answer to Williamsburg), we are adjusting quite well.

I got Kitten's room in order last night and made the bed--oops, I meant to say the guest room. But let's be honest here, it's all Kitten's space. Then once I had it just so, I decided to clear off the blankets and pillows to lay out the squares from my quilt of Grandma Hazel's scraps. So Adam and I took some pics to catch you up on my (halted) progress on the windmill quilt. Do you remember I was working on a square on the morning of my wedding? Well, I still haven't finished that one. But I'm really inspired to get the workshop up and running as soon as we bring my ironing board to the new place. I only have seven squares to go-- six and three-quarters, really. Plus Kitten and I have a huge room to devote to sewing now. We're pretty pumped.

Today we're watching Clemson hold off Boston College on the football field and it seems that the colors of my quilt and the excitement of the game got to Kitten. She wanted to play, so we took her picture in action:

 Pretty impressive, I believe. By comparison I don't think my quilt is half as interesting.

But after such an outpouring of energy, Kitten needed some relaxing time, below:

She's curled up next to me and I will probably knit something during the remainder of this football game so I can do something creative without disrupting her nap.

Are you excited for fall so you can get back to your craft projects? You should tell me about it in the comments.
Talk to you soon!