Blue nails and birds

Hello from Brookside.

Yes, we're still here. And, honestly, quite liking it. We've been running around like crazy to get both our house livable/visitable and also to get my condo inhabited.

It's a work in progress.

But sometimes we need to stop working for manicures.

Have you seen the navy nail trend? I was in D.C. and feeling very urban and au courant (in my new D.C. outfits I bought for the trip). I wore these pants in lava red--very tangerine to my workshop on the first day and on the second day, two other people were rocking the same look. With that burst of empowerment, I went out and painted my nails navy blue while Adam watched his Clemson game yesterday. I tried to take a good picture of it, but my nails really look more black than navy. I may not claim this one as a victory.

 We finally put out the Kitten all-day entertainment machine. It's been hiding under piles and piles of empty boxes since we began moving sometime around my birthday--many moons ago. But we could wait no longer and got it out early today.

So far, I have seen not one bird and Kitten is either watching birds out of a window not facing the bird feeder or sleeping in her napping spot (as she is at this very moment.)

Here, she perches watching what I believe is a bluejay pick a fight with what looks like a woodpecker. Neither of the birds in question is pictured, of course, because I have slow reflexes unless I'm taking cat pictures. 

With that, I'll bid adieu and wish you a lovely afternoon. Am hoping to sew something sometime here in the future.