Cooking among disarray

Adam and I have already planned our future dogs' names. We plan to call them Bogie and Birdie as a tribute to Adam's golf fanaticism. However, any creature we bring home in the near term will have to be called Disarray, in honor of our complete disarray. Disi, for short.

See below:

I have, at this moment in time, only made a few real dinners for my husband since we got married. When my husband was my fiance, I made him real meals pretty frequently. When he was my boyfriend, forget about it, he got three courses every night of the week! And dessert.

When we were at my apartment today trying to clear it out for a tenant, we realized the freezer was full of (delicious) frozen meal elements. We brought a bunch of it home today and it gave me a burst of inspiration (and help) to get another real meal on the stove for my hubs.

I opened up my copy of Pioneer Woman's cookbook and got to it:

 Wait, let's have a beer.

So this is the glorious chunk of meat leftover from last Thanksgiving. It was the centerpiece of our pot roast.

And then I covered it with broth and it went in the oven for awhile. And came out as bliss:

We ate it with buttery mashed potatoes (found in freezer), homemade yeast roll walnut stuffing (also from freezer), gravy and some crusty bread (99 cents at the grocery store). We basically spent $4 for carrots, bread and onions and used everything we already had.

It was almost like old times...except I didn't make a dessert.

I'll let Adam scoop me some ice cream instead. Yum!