Progress: This is what it looks like

Hello to you, my friend! I have an update on a project from, like, years ago.

It's been so long that I can't even find the original post. 

But wouldn't you know that my wonderful husband, who encourages my art, told me how much he liked my reimagining of the Death Cab for Cutie Narrow Stairs album cover I began sewing so many years ago?

So I finished it tonight. Me and Kitten. In our new sewing room. 

And that's quite an achievement, because we have about a thousand things we should be doing. I am needing to make about four receiving blankets because it seems that just about everyone we know is having a baby--not Kitten though, fortunately. I am too young to become a grandma. 

But the flannel for those is in the washer and I carved out some time to do this while listening to some GroupLove and M83. 

The original:

An overlay:

Work in progress:

And here it is! We're going to mount it on the wall in the living room, I think. Do you like it? Do you see the vision? Should I try to do the GroupLove album cover next?

This may be too abstract for a fabric interpretation, but you never know. At the very least you should listen to the album because Itchin' on a Photograph is maybe the best song ever--my new fave anyway.

See you soon.