Ribbon loops in hoops

I am going to apologize in advance for some blurry photos as I share some updates that I promised pre-wedding. Adam and I are doing a pretty good job of settling into marital bliss, but I've only just tonight cooked him a real dinner--because ramen noodles with poached eggs don't count. 

I wanted to share this new skill I've learned, ribbon embroidery! I am more and more interested in embroidery lately, as that seems to be a nice way to boost my fiber skills. So for the wedding, I was struck by inspiration by this post from the Purl Bee. They writers suggest making a pillowcase embroidered with silk ribbon, but I decided to make tea towels with the technique they demonstrate to give as gifts to some special ladies who were there for us on the big day. I looked for ready-made tea towels at the craft stores, but I have to be honest--they were awful. So I chose to buy fabric for the towels themselves and Adam helped me cut panels (two for each towel) that were 17 x 24 inches, I believe. 

Then I got to do the fun part!

This is so blurry, but I used a hoop to hold the fabric while I stitched the traced flower shapes. I repeated all the steps until I had something great for Kitten to nap on:

Here's a less blurry version. I sewed the front panel to the back, inside out, then turned it right-side out and pressed a seam. I then sewed the seam. It was a cinch until the very last one, I sewed the right-side out first and when I saw that I did that--broke into tears! I was so mad at myself as I ripped out the stitches to fix it. But all was well when I completed it.

 Here's Kitten sitting on a stack of save-the-date envelopes. Just thought it was funny...

 And now the hankies...


I used the same technique to make hankies for my lovely bridesmaids and one (pictured) for a friend. I liked the delicate-ness of these and how tiny they are. According to etiquette (which I referred to for help), ladies' hankies are 8 x 8 inches. Good to know!

Isn't this sweet? I loved making these and they are a great introduction to the world of embroidery. I want to keep learning more embroidery skillz!