You wreath what you sow

Hello you.

How are you?

Adam and I had very ambitious plans today, errand running and the like. But it's raining.

How is it that rain so saps one's motivation? 

We thought about cooking some dinner. I found this yums-looking pasta from the Pioneer Woman, but getting ingredients would require at least one (maybe two) errand (s). I think we'll probably go here instead for dessert chicken--heavenly crispy spicy chicken with a sweet pepper sauce.  It's divine and someone else prepares/serves it. So bonuses all around.

It's just that kinda day.

On the update side, we've made a wreath!

This is merely the foundation for my golden acorn project, which I will have to post updates about soon. I couldn't paint my golden acorns today because, you guessed it, it's raining! I had set them outside to be hot-glued (don't ask) and then spray painted to be added to this little lovely thing.

 Here are the sugared peaches, up closer. Can't wait for them to meet their new cousins, the golden acorns.

And finally:
This will soon be a bold shade of magical. It's embargoed for now, but please take a hard look at this before picture of our dining room. We have high hopes for it.

Also, we are totally loving this song. And pretty much everything from Of Monsters and Men. Check it out.