A merry Martha Christmas!

Hello to you! 

We are feeling very festive here in the House of Kitten. 

In a bit, we are hosting a small holiday gathering. We have been hard at work to prepare a bunch of food (it's excessive, really). But, you won't be surprised to learn that we still took time to visit Bon Bon to pick up some way awesome fabric to put on the back of the small top I made with Grandma's squares.

Am pretty enchanted with Bon Bon. We've been twice this week. The first to pick up something top secret for a Christmas gift and fabric to make our Christmas stockings. But this isn't just any old fabric, it's linen and it's from Scandinavia. 

I sewed on felt reindeer and bears from a Martha Stewart template. And last night, despite being completely exhausted from something I can't exactly recall, I finished them off. They're too cute, hanging on the mantle with Kitten's mini Fair Isle stocking that we bought at Target for $3.50

What do you think? Will you be making your own holiday stockings?