Christmas countdown

Hey there! Counting down to Christmas and I don't have terribly much to report.

But has that ever stopped me before?

Maybe I should point out the redesign of Love Taza. It's pretty awesome. Do you follow this? I am a fan and also now inspired to rebrand. 

On other notes:
I convinced Adam to run to the Plaza with me to get Starbucks and a Christmas gift before he had his breakfast this morning. The tacking on of a shopping trip was quite the accomplishment, but we had to make it brief because he fades pretty fast if he isn't fed soon after he wakes.

Our coffee stop was a bit rough, which didn't help.They may have not had their breakfast either. This is what the guy wrote when I told him my name is Sarah:

And, upon arriving home, I realized that if we are to take any cookies to family holiday gatherings, they must be made today. And then the day I planned of craft projects in my sewing alcove slowly evaporated, much like the milk I must use to make the homemade caramels (evaporated). 

On another note, did you see my post about watching Miracle on 34th Street? Well here is a pic of me and Kitten watching the movie together:

Kitten looks rather content, doesn't she?

At this moment, she is waiting for me to finish typing so she can test my patience licking my watercolors (for another craft project I am quickly running out of time for).

So I bid you adieu and wish you a 32Www (this is Kitten's typing as she walked on the laptop--notice that she capitalized the "W"), I wish you a merry Christmas!