Under the little top

Perhaps you remember my philosophical post last April where I waxed on and on about my Grandma's quilt scraps and how working with them gives me a sense of her. I noted many things in that ambling post: How Grandma wouldn't have listened to the hard rock band Tool while quilting; how she wouldn't screw up her measurements and seam allowance like I do; and how she wouldn't end up with a bunch of squares of varying size when they are supposed to be exactly the same size.

What a devil-may-care approach I had back in April, when my problem of squares of different sizes was a worry for another day.

Well, my friends. That day has arrived.

I can't remember what goal I had as far as number of squares for Grandma's quit, but I was hoping to make something substantial--at least that would fit on a queen bed.

I've been getting closer and closer to that goal, but fitting them all together was plaguing me.

I could cut white strips and sew them around the smaller squares to beef them up, but that would screw up the whimsy of the windmill. And I can't have that.

But if I didn't do something drastic, the quilt square measurements would be whacked and the final product would look, well, whacked.

An answer came to me the other day while I was sitting in church. I'm sorry, but I must admit that my mind wanders sometimes and the pastor was telling a story about a quilter. This sent the creative side of my mind down the bunny hole, while the other side of me (the dutiful one) sat and listened attentively to the lesson.

And the answer came to me: Two quilts.

A big one with the big squares and a small one with the small squares. This means more work for me in the long run, but I'm not really ready to be done with this project anyway. If I wrap the small squares into the small quilt and finish it, I'll have those squares lifted off my shoulders (and likely onto my husband's lap--and do I see a Kitten sitting upon it?)

Then I can focus on the big squares with the better measured triangle piece that my husband helped me perfect.

Isn't that a nice seamless solution? Quilting pun intended.

I stumbled across the most darling quilting dictionary yesterday. I must find you the link. One of the explanations about something said that the Amish put a mistake in each quilt intentionally because they feel only God can create something perfect. And of course the Amish would be qualified to make a quilt without screwing something up on accident, like yours truly.

Another fun definition for "cat" explained that they are purring creatures who act as weights for quilters.

Okay, pictures?

I've decided that the color aren't strong enough to post the rest. Let me take new ones (with the final row I added this morning, happy Saturday to me!)

And happy Saturday to you, too!
Stay tuned!

Adam bought flowers for me in celebration of my birthday dinner, when we finally had some free time to go out last week. Aren't they gorgeous? And the best part, aside from their lovely fragrance and loveliness in general, is that Kitten isn't allergic to them. We had to toss some Trader Joe flowers out a few weeks ago because they made Kitten and I sneeze.