A view through the window

Hello friends!

I am glad for a chance to check in with you this evening.

I have some neat pictures to share with you from recent projects. This bright little project (below) was inspired by the Little Stitches embroidery book I got for Christmas. It's a needle case that I embroidered and then sewed together to send to a little sewing enthusiast Adam and I know in South Carolina.

It came together on a whim. My little niece came to hang out with me on Sunday and I convinced her to try some embroidery. I think she was getting the hang of it and *maybe* having fun with it. Then I suggested we watch a movie and you'll never believe what she picked. Yes. Julie and Julia. It was the perfect choice for an odd rainy day (and kind of my favorite-movie-ever).

An aside: I had hoped she and I would watch Clueless because it was my favorite-movie-ever when I was 13--still is, really, with the exception of the above-named-movie. Anyway, I asked her if she'd seen it and she said, "Oh, is it that really old movie?" And I had to say yes. When I was 13 I felt the same way about that Molly Ringwald movie, Sixteen Candles, because it wasn't my generation. So I get it. 

By the end of Julie and Julia, I had this little embroidered sewing machine that needed to become something else:

It was fun and quick to finish and add some bright colors to. It's been sent on its way, along with a little tomato and some strait pins.

And here's my little Kitten keeping me company in thoughtful repose:

I would have closed there, but I stumbled across the most amazing tutorial and I just had to share.

I think I may have mentioned (prattled on ceaselessly) about my Grandma Hazel who, in addition to being a great, funny and warm person, was also a very gifted seamstress.

My aunt sent me this pillow that my grandma made some years back:

As you can see, it's one of those intricately crafted, delicate pieces of workmanship that seems impossible to imitate. In fact, the story goes that my grandmother lent this to the local sewing guild to deconstruct a bit to see just how it was that she had made this. Outfoxing the local quilting guild with mad sewing skills? Oh yes, that's my grandma.

I had given up hope of ever learning the secret, because you know I'm not about to undo a single stitch made by Grandma Hazel, but then I didn't even think about using the Internet. And I never deliberately set out to find this, I just stumbled across it. And it turns out that this technique has a name, Cathedral Windows.

So that's pretty cool, too.

Even though I had class last night, I managed to get the first ironing steps done before I left. Then tonight I hunted for a fabric square to fill in the panel with. I found the perfect little square and affixed it with pins:

Will I ever have time to sew this down? I have something else to embroider tonight that I hope I can get to. It's due Friday!

I just keep wanting to do more and more. And more. And more. You get the idea. So now I must run off to do the next thing.

I'm being lured by siren call of the bouef bourguignon simmering in the oven. Thanks Julie and Julia for inspiring me to pull such a hearty dinner together for this snowy day.

Glad you could stop by!

Check back in soon for a status report. And leave a comment! I've changed out the commenter thingy from the olden days and this one is much more user friendly.

All for now. Ta! (As Julia would say).