Carried away

Hello there!

Glad you had a chance to come by today. We have lots of excitement going on here, as you may have already noticed. I'm pretty excited about the new header (above) designed by the lovely and talented Shelby, of Shelby Cipolla photo & design.

I think it's great to have a fresh new look!

But that's not all, of course. There's lots more to tell you. And that's because, as said very well in this awesome new Passion Pit song, I get carried away.

Yesterday I finally went to get my nails done after a month of neglect and the very first thing I seemed to do afterward was jam a straitpin into my cuticle. I was rushing through the process of making bias tape for the miniature windmill quilt (you shall see more photos below), rushed to correct something I had done wrong and before I knew it I'd gouged myself in the tenderest part of my nail. Here is the sad thumb:

I've also seemed to get carried away with the purchase of embroidery floss in anticipation of embroidery yet to be planned, let alone executed. I blame it on this awesome embroidery book I got for Christmas. I want to make every single project. So I had to buy bunches and bunches of floss. I think it's justified and my husband agrees with me, so that's important. Aren't the colors lovely?

Then, in the midst of everything going on, Bon Bon Atelier, an urban seamstress' port in the storm, has to go out of business and host a huge sale. I've gotten a bit carried away in that realm, too, buying more fabric than I have projects for, you know, just this one last time:

Fortunately, I do have progress to report as well. The small windmill quilt is back from the quilter. It's small, but it has a certain charm. You can decide for yourself:

 Here's an up-close view of the quilting, I just love those little loops.

The backing fabric, from where else but Bon Bon, has little tiny kites on it. I like that the patterned backing works as a nod to the quilters of yesteryear (think late 1800s) that always used a calico or floral on the backs of their projects.
 A better view of the fabric itself. I think the shape of the kites ties nicely to the windmills on the front. My only regret is not purchasing more of this fabric for the jumbo windmill quilt that is still a work in progress. I finished another square of it last night (using kite fabric scraps from this project) and will try to post it sometime this week.

The quilter also quilted a top that my Grandma Hazel pieced together. It has prairie points, or those finished triangle edges, around it. It's gorgeous, but huge! Adam and I couldn't figure out how to take a good picture of it with just the two of us. Next time we have company, they will be politely informed that they must help us take some quilt pictures out in the street before they will be allowed inside.

Unless, do we have any volunteers?

Oh my goodness, how did this photo get in here? It's my niece, Lyric, at two days old. She must have uploaded this when I wasn't looking. I suppose we can let it slide. Isn't she sweet? What fun it is to welcome a little one!

Now I am off to work on sewing my binding tape to the windmill quilt. And I have some embroidery to practice. Let us hope that I don't stick myself with any more pins this afternoon. No one ever tells you about the dangers of sewing.

See you later!