Then sing, young hearts

Happy New Year! Wouldn't you know that we are still listening to Christmas music at our house? Can't quite be done with the Christmas season yet. Right now, Wham's Last Christmas is on. It's my absolute fave. Isn't that sad?

Here's a poem we learned yesterday by doing the Cryptogram in the newspaper:

"Then sing, young hearts that are full of cheer, with never a thought of sorrow; the old goes out, but the glad young year comes merrily in tomorrow."  Emily Miller

We are making blackeye peas with a ham hock and the whole house smells divine.

Me and the husband are settling back into being home after a nice holiday visit to family in South Carolina. We got to go to many cool places and see lots of our favorite people--and their little ones.

I am in the process of creating a new artwork for the top of this page, but I'm stuck on inspiration at the moment. Please send ideas.

In the meantime, here are some pics of recent projects:

 Kitten "helps" make a bow for a little dress I worked on a couple of weekends ago. The finished dress is below.

 This was a Christmas gift for Miss Eleanor, the daughter of a good friend. The fabric is from our soon-to-be-closed Bon Bon Atelier, which I'm bummed to lose.

Note how the lining offers a bit of surprise--flashback to the 1970s...

 What? I must part with this? Let me hold you one moment longer, little dress with flouncy sleeves.

And on a vacation note, here are some pics from South Carolina:

Adam ducks out of a quilt picture in Asheville, N.C., at the Grove Park Inn.

 Loved the above artwork, little bunnies. Reminds me of Watership Down.

 Jumbo loom from the Homespun museum at the Grove Park Inn. See antique samples below:

Adam and I made a new friend, Mr. Moose, who was kind enough to take a photo with us. Be forewarned, this will likely end up in our 2013 Christmas card--that is, if we send one out. We must make a better effort this year.

 Partridge in a pear tree. This was an entry in the Grove Park Inn's gingerbread house contest--meaning that the whole thing is edible. Or, at least, was at one point. We were quite impressed.

And finally, New Year's Day!

We arose early to walk up to Brookside for the above-mentioned ham hock. Look how deserted it was around 9 a.m. Everyone else was sleeping one off, I suppose.

A visit to the Roasterie for a Sarah-sized latte. Rich and delicious.

And my husband looking like he's been wearing the same clothes for days:

One last pic for my dad (note the old-school airplane):

That is all for now. Look for embroidery pics coming soon....