Four years

Kitten and I celebrated four years together on Thursday. It ended up being a crazy day, between work, school and Valentine's Day, but Kitten and I still had a chance to play together and share lots of love.

I went back through my archives and found these pics to share with you, from our first month or so together back in my little condo downtown.

 I think she was playing with a headband, which has since been demolished.

 Self-portrait with tiny little Kitten.

Tell me, who can resist this face?

Here we are now:

She looks not-so-pleased with this photo shoot, but that's only because she'd rather be playing.

On the project front, I am attempting to re-work the (ugly) nightgown pattern to make it into a party dress. More to come on that one, although I can say we're off to a solid start. When I get stuck, I just take a nap and the answer works itself out in my dreams.

Happy weekend! I'm off to get highlights.

And today we are dancing to this.