Help! Someone stole my eyebrows

Why is it that even on days that I'm not required to wake up and check immediately in with a computer (like today) that I find myself up to exactly that?

I suppose I just can't help myself.

I don't have much to report on projects as I have had my schedule taken over by this innocent thing I signed up for called an MBA program. Who would have thought it required so much time and attention? I obviously miscalculated the commitment.

However! I did manage to sew the top of the ugliest nightgown ever. I shall post a photo for you once I sew the bottom on. Look for a post called "Ugliest nightgown ever."

On to other things. Mainly, my stolen eyebrows.

In good faith (originally typo-d 'goof' faith, which is telling) I let the lady at the nail place talk me into waxing my eyebrows last night. Because "you know, they need some cleaning up." And I didn't notice her tuning me out completely as I explained how much I like my thick brows, and please don't make them too skinny and on and on. Because I had already agreed.

So as I prattled on about leaving my thick brows thick, the lady went to work, plucking and waxing my swarthy brows into weak submission. When I finally saw a mirror, it was too late. 

And that, my friends, is how my robust Brooke Shields brows (temporarily) went all Kate Moss. 

Adam says it's not that bad. But he doesn't know what a wreck they'll be when they start to grow back. I will not be posting pictures of that.

So then we took more pictures, which I am sharing here while I have you as a captive audience. 

 "Tilt your chin up, husband."

Note Kitten's complete meltdown as she devolves from sweet and loving to rough and tumble in a matter of, like, 30 seconds. She didn't feel sorry about my eyebrows at all. And now she's walking on the laptop.

More soon! Ta!