I know it's a stretch

But I am reminded of David Hockney circa 1960s when I see this top photo.

I know we're celebrating our post-blizzard state in Kansas City, but I can't bear to post any snow pictures. I saw something someone wrote yesterday that said "It snowed in Kansas City? Everyone hurry! Take 10 pictures of your porch."

And if you're not part of the solution then....

This morning I was posting pics to Facebook of a recent birthday celebration for Fab Abby (happy birthday!) and I stumbled across my honeymoon pictures. And there just happened to be a tiny storm when we were in Cancun that was photogenic and it seemed post-worthy. 

The above pic is from later in the day. By this point, the rain had passed, but the gorgeous marshmallow clouds remained as we took a paseo (walk) about a nearby town.

Pardon me a moment as I reminisce. What a wonderful trip that was! Can you believe it was almost six months ago?

Here's wishing everyone a tropical vacation and happy departure from winter snow!

(I have progress on cathedral windows to show you--these snowy evenings have provided ample time for hand-stitching.)

Stay tuned (and warm)!