Not as bad as expected (ugly nightgown)

Hello to you! And happy day!

Adam is off playing golf on this windy, bright and surprisingly warm day so I am wrapping up loose ends around the house as we prepare for another busy week (thanks a lot, MBA).

I finished sewing the ugly nightgown, which didn't turn out to be that ugly after all. Sorry to disappoint.

I liked putting it together because it had some gathers, which allowed me to practice spacing and pinning. The rest of the pattern was super easy, too. I am thinking of trying to make another one in silk, but first embroidering the fabric with silk thread to make it extra pretty. It will be so refined and lovely that it will belong in a museum and never be worn. Very practical.

Pics, as promised:

Not sure why this is sideways or how to fix it. It's kind of muu-muu-ish, but not in as bad of a way as I'd expected. Or maybe it is. It may be too soon to say.

 Kitten decided I needed to pause yesterday, so she plopped down on this as I was attempting to sew and promptly took a nap.

 And you can see some embroidery up top here.

It just needs a hem and that's a wrap.

Before we get started on the next thing, I think we're going to dance a little more to this (and try not to disturb the lady who lives in the basement).