You know I can't resist

These sweet things here.

I thought it followed logically that I would post the cathedral squares below in time for Valentine's Day (otherwise known as my anniversary with Kitten--number four) and my first Valentine's as a married lady.

It's probably not all that sweet of me, but as I sit here typing this, I am eating Adam's Christmas candy from his stocking. Here's hoping he will be my Valentine despite my propensity to steal his chocolate.

But back to the task at hand. Perhaps you remember the post where I shared how I stumbled upon the amazingly helpful cathedral square tutorial? I should hope so, because it wasn't that long ago.

Since then, I've been ironing, pinning and hand-sewing these sweet little squares every time I have a free moment, which isn't all that often now that I think about it. But I can say that I've done enough to get going. The scope of this project is yet-to-be-determined (is it a pillow, blanket, chair cozy, must I go on?), but I am choosing to proceed without doing much thinking on that.

I think the fabric in these pieces below (from my grandma's collection, of course) is among the sweetest in the whole collection.

Pardon the lower right-hand square. I haven't decided yet if the fabric is sweet *enough* to warrant inclusion in this project. Let me know what you think.



Happy Valentine's Day!