If you dream it

You know how they say you never stop learning? 

(And usually they are clasping their hands while nodding vigorously at you.)

Well, I learned something new today! I must prepare for my accounting exam on Thursday and I learned there is no surer way to interest me in doing housework than to tell me that it's time to study.

So does this mean I'm done with learning for today?

Sadly, no. 

But before I get to it, I have some quick updates. 

Progress on bold color cathedral windows:

 And the lovely bread creation that was finally finished yesterday evening after two days of kneading, resting, waiting, rising and repeating. It was a delightfully fun project and I'm only sad that Julia Child isn't still around so I could write her a fan letter.

I was amazed how her directions guided me easily through the many steps of this process.

I will be certain to do this again. Husband and I are having all sorts of fun writing puns about the bread project. Our favorite? My wife has sure been making a lot of dough.

We may need to workshop that one a bit more.

Next on our list is to make Pioneer Woman's lemon blueberry rolls but treat the dough the way Julia instructs. This will be fun. Stay tuned for updates.

And let's hope I get that accounting done.