Little points on the prairie

Hello to you, the faithful!

We have much to report on the prairie point quilt front. But first I must talk about snow. 

I promise not to talk too much about it. It's just that we are tres excited to have some snow to stomp around in. 

Please bear with me through the requisite pictures:

(Finally, a chance to wear my hat!)

Our porch. Did I say I wouldn't show porch pictures? I never made that promise. Oops that's right. Yes, I did. Sorry.

And now back to sewing!

I have had Grandma Hazel's prairie point quilt top back from the quilter's workshop for nearly two months and had yet to finish the edges. The quilter said that it would be very easy. I should just trim the fabric, fold it, pin it and sew it on the sewing machine. I'll admit that it sounds somewhat easy, but I'm always wary when veteran seamstresses tell me something will be a breeze.

Because if it's really that easy, I'm sure to find a way to screw it up.

My solution was, of course, to just fold up the quilt and let Kitten sleep on it for awhile. But I did finally muster my courage. I trimmed the edges, folded the extra fabric in and pinned pinned pinned.

Once it was pinned, I only had to machine sew the edges. But I got nervous about putting those corners under the presser foot, so I decided to stitch the corners by hand. The thickness of the folds I made (apparently I hadn't cut the batting down enough) did a number on my hands. At one point, I had so many cuts on my hands that I stopped putting Band-Aids on them. (And you know how much I love the chance to use my Hello! Kitty Band-Aids, so it's really saying something.)

I think the effort was worth it. I sewed extra around all the corners and really got to know the fabric and design well. By the time I put it under the machine today, I was ready to take my chances on the strait edges. And what do you know? It was a snap. I ended up cutting out about 3/4 inches worth of extra batting from the edges and swapped out the machine's needle for a fresh quilting needle.

Those edges turned out perfectly. I suppose because Grandma Hazel already did so much of the work.

Kitten tried to halt my progress several (read: 15) times by hopping up on the quilt and trying to take a nap on it (and trying to snuggle the machine, snuggle me, etc.). She eventually gave up and I had the quilt finished in less than an hour. What a happy surprise it's been for our Sunday!
 Up-close view of the hand-stitched corners.

 I love Grandma's fabric choice in this corner. I feel it's reminiscent of stained glass from the 1930s--but I couldn't tell you why I think that.

 Kitten checks out the finished product. It's big enough for our double bed in the guest room. I'm so happy to have it on display.
Kitten contemplates a new napping spot.

So if you've made it all the way down to this point in the post, I have some silliness to share with you as a reward. I don't know if you know are aware that Adam and I, at times, act like complete nerds. We celebrated our six month wedding anniversary on Monday (six whole months?) and went to have dinner nearby before the snowfall began. When we got home, I convinced Adam to let me give him a little gift for the occasion--eyebrows like Tom Selleck's mustasche. I managed to lose 50 percent of my eyebrows to an overly ambitious waxer at the nail salon a few weeks ago. Fortunately, my hairdresser showed me how to paint them back in with makeup. But when I went to buy the eyebrow kit, I bought it a shade or two too dark. Sounds like a mistake I would make. The result? If I'm not careful, I end up looking like Frida Kahlo.

Anyway, we had some fun and painted on new brows. And then took pictures. Because it was snowing and we didn't feel like watching television. Hope you enjoy these!


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