La cage aux folles

Or perhaps "les cages" as there are two pictured.
These are soft birdcage sculptures that my mom and I learned to make at sewing camp (or what we tastefully refer to as a sewing retreat.) For those not in attendance, retreat may suggest calm repose or meditation, not the frenetic pursuit to learn, understand and remember how to do something newer and cooler with sewing than anything you've ever done in your life.

Or that's how it was for me.

After only one or two minutes of Internet research, I learned that La Cage aux Folles, the French play/movie that was the basis for the hysterical 1990s American movie, The Birdcage, doesn't translate to birdcage at all. It means "the cage of madwomen." Or cages of the madwomen (see above). However, this newfound information doesn't discourage me from using it as a title for this post.

After all, what better description could you come up with for our fast-paced but magical weekend at sewing camp? Plus, we made birdcages.

I shouldn't make too many jokes because I don't want to underplay the joy of the experience or the sheer intensity of packing 16 hours worth of serious instruction into one lighthearted weekend. But all those in attendance are seriously dedicated to the craft of sewing and that alone makes us all a bit mad (Alice in Wonderland mad, not angry mad).

Our teachers were amazing. I must say at times I was a bit starstruck. But with four hours per class, I managed to get over it. The weekend just raced by.

I came home with four half-started projects and I will do my darndest to finish them and post pictures for you. Be on the lookout for a smocked necklace, an embroidered animal with some words in French (my dad will like this), a homemade pattern with my measurements that I will use to make a shift dress, and a second bird and cage.

What fun! I'm so inspired and want to teach now! I think it might be fun to teach the technique to making the cathedral windows. What do you think? Would you sign up?

Kudos and thanks to my mom who made the long trek to Boulder with me for the sewing weekend. We had such a great time! I'm so glad we were able to go together.

Here we are at the closing ceremony. Do we look exhausted?

Check back in for more pictures coming soon!