Gathered here today

Look at my sad frozen tomato plant! The new rule: wait until Mother's Day or after to plant vegetables.

Well, let's get to it. 

I've been astounded by a few things related to the Lisette Traveler Dress. First, that I thought this would be easy. It wasn't. Second, it worked! My little dress turned out adorbs! Totes! 

It wasn't impossible, though, either. I always have the door from Alice in Wonderland in my mind when I struggle at the sewing machine. Alice is trying to get through the door, which tells her that he's locked. Alice frets that it's impossible and the door corrects her and says "It's not impossible, it's simply impassible. Nothing's impossible."

I apologize for what I think this is my seventh Alice in Wonderland reference in as many posts, which probably indicates I've seen the movie way too much. 

But there's a point to this Alice in Wonderland. A few steps on the dress seemed impossible, but they were just temporarily impassible. But please don't ask where the buttons are because I'm terrified of the buttonhole foot on my sewing machine. It hates me and eats everything I try to feed through it. I will need to call a professional for help with that.

On other notes, the collar I was fretting about was no trouble at all. The sleeves nearly did me in. Those gathers were killers!
For some reason, the blogger application is not playing nicely with me today and some of my pictures are horizontal despite the fact that I deliberately saved them as vertical files so they'd display correctly. 

Pre-sleeves and collar. I added an embroidered basket of apples in for my pocket to give it a splash of color. (Underneath is the top of an experimental outfit I started on but never finished. I think it might become a superhero costume next year at Halloween.)

Collar! (Superhero costume peeks out the sides.)
Someone noted at sewing camp that my tomato pin cushion is well-loved. It was Grandma Hazel's! So obviously it is loved and cherished. Now I wonder, did she have a thimble? I needed one when I was doing the hand-stitching on my collar.
Fun sleeves! This is a combo of the View A collar, the View C sleeves and the View B body (for those familiar with the pattern I'm working from.)
It just needs some buttons! I am wearing it over my swimsuit when I head to Florida later this month. I'm pretty pumped as I'm in need of some pool time.

Here's my little helper taking a bath on my pattern and directions. At the moment she is licking my fingers and trying to eat a tissue.

Next up: I am making the Traveler dress again, this time with the View A body and collar and View C sleeves. I think. Ergh, I can't make up my mind!

I am also going to do some smocking on the upper pocket because I learned how to do it at sewing camp and think I'd better practice before I forget how! I saw a smocked ladies' dress at Kate Spade today on the Plaza and I was so excited that smocking is getting its due from the bigger names in fashion.

I've almost completed the main illustration in my embroidery from sewing camp. Can't wait to post pics of my little mouton. More on that to come.