I'm done

Happy Mother's Day, everyone!

Have you noticed how people on reality television shows will get frustrated with something and then defiantly say "I'm done!"? And it's this very final, terrible way to feel about something. Do you remember when people used to be happy when they used that phrase?

A sink full of dishes? I'm done!

Three weeks worth of homework from your finance course? I'm done!

I wonder what has changed in our society. Perhaps I'm the problem--paying too much attention to reality TV. 

On another note, Adam and I have started saying liberally instead of literally.  Liberally can mean both freely and amply, correct?

"I liberally called her, like, five times."

"I liberally complimented every shoe in his closet."

 "I liberally applied sunscreen before sun exposure as directed by the manufacturer's instructions."

It's funny and I think more reflective of the exaggeration that's trying to be expressed. 

Because no fitting room has a literal wait of a million years. But you could liberally wait that long, I suppose, if you really wanted to.

Yes? No? Will you try it out and report back?

Kitten and I are reporting from the sewing room on this sunny yet chilly afternoon. And we're pleased to announce the completion of the traveler dress. We're done!

I discovered a buttonhole foot tutorial that helped relieve (some of) my fear of the buttonhole foot. I held my breath, but at the end we got buttonholes! 

I have a few progress pics to share before we do the big reveal.

 Non-smocked pocket. Turned out that simple was better in this case.

Pardon the huge mess in the background. This is Kitten making a face that says "I'm about to jump on the ironing board."

 It's really easy to handstitch the collar inside seam with a cat sitting on your dress. Oh wait, no. No, it's not.

 Post-buttonhole foot, I used the seamripper (picker, in British) to cut the buttonholes open.

Kitten inspects. She says, "I see that you forgot to trim some loose threads there. Better get to it or it will look homemade."

And, "I'm hungry."

This is the nearly completed sideview before buttons. Adam sat with me last night as I sewed them in. It was a really exciting Saturday night. We also made dough for some Mother's Day cinnamon rolls. We had quite the party. It was liberally the most exciting night of our lives, ever.

See the buttons? It may need a quick fabric belt before it's completely complete. But it's complete enough. Come on, right?


I will be getting back to embroidery now. But not before I make some dinner for my husband. He's liberally starving.