Faking it until you make it

Posting today from my overheated sewing room. Kitten and I are doing our best to appreciate every single breeze. 

Our trouble is, meaning that Kitten and I have this in common, that once we close the window we can't hear or observe the neighborhood birds very well. And we like the birds because they are both company and entertainment so we can't just shut them out.

We are listening to the new Phoenix album, Bankrupt!, which is pretty awesome. (Definitely listen to "Trying to be cool.") I'm always telling myself that I don't really like the Phoenix, but I have so many of their albums on my iTunes that it just can't be true. How can you not like a band that uses this as their cover art? If this was printed on fabric, I would buy, like, 17 yards.

We are picking Grandma's windmills back up after a lengthy pause. I think I lost my focus on this particular project.

Why did I think my summer break from the MBA would get me right back to sewing?

My major roadblock was that I don't have a ton of Grandma's florals and I don't want to use all of the scraps of hers that I do have on just the one quilt. So Adam helped me cheat a little bit last night.

We headed to JoAnn and picked up these four fabrics to imitate the originals. The top two fabrics are 1930s reproductions and the second two just look to me like fabric that Grandma would have liked.

So I'm gonna use 'em.

The originals have some neat backstories, including the fabrics in this:

The repeating strawberry in the middle right triangle is left from a dress that Grandma made for me to wear to Kindergarten. I loved to wear that dress for three reasons: 1) Grandma made it for me; 2) It had pockets; and 3) The fabric was so soft.

Also, what's up with this awesome bird fabric in the bottom left triangle? What was that from and why isn't there any more of it in my bag of scraps? I wish someone knew the story to tell me. It's so mid-century! Love it. 

I think that's my favorite part of piecing quilts--they're these little memory capture-ers. (I don't think that's a word, but too bad. I think you get what I mean, right?)

This is a not-that-great shot of what I currently have. I think if I use the imposter fabrics for the squares that go on the outside, I can pull together a lovely quilt that Grandma would've really liked. 

Ok, back to work for me.

Have a great weekend!