Garlands of triangles

 Oh well hello there.

Kitten and I are posting from the sewing room on this balmy afternoon. We had specks of rain earlier and it was the nicest feeling, but gave you the impression that the sun would soon be out to make steam from it.

And so it did. We've had a great day so far anyway. After doing some reading on the porch, I came up to the sewing room to work on a project for a friend. Earlier this week, I had sewn together some triangles for the windmill quilt and I tried a trick where you don't cut the thread after each piece. You end up with this sausage-looking thing that's really quite pretty. I think you could decorate your Christmas tree with something like that, too. Hence the title of this post, ahem.

Before it got too hot, I wanted to iron out all the pieces to make my squares, but I couldn't make myself do it. I had to capture the little strings of triangles of film so I took some pics. This is what I got:

 This is our neighbor's plant, but it kind of hangs into our yard, so I think maybe they won't mind.

Anyway, now I'm free to do my ironing. (Kitten is asleep on the table next to me on top of yet another sewing project. I have no idea how she can sleep when it's like 85 degrees in here and she's wearing a fur coat.)

I snapped some quick garden pics while I was out, too, and picked a couple of okra.

 Our jalapeno plant. I think this one needs to get slightly bigger before we pick it. What shall we cook with it?

Little okra grow skyward like little sun worshippers.

We're glad for a slightly hazy, if humid, day. I went on an 11 a.m. bike ride and I haven't been able to bike at that hour of the day for weeks!

Have a happy weekend!