A fair day for an art fair

In between all of the eating Adam and I did at the Plaza Art Fair this weekend, we did make time to look at actual art. I believe there are people who don't even do that, they just have cocktails and socialize--but it's a great venue for it so who can blame them?

Anyway, we saw new works from Signe and Genna Grushovenko and I couldn't resist taking pictures. I am so taken with these artworks. I tried to be mindful of not taking pictures of entire paintings, just interesting bits and pieces, but I think you still get a good sense of the artworks.

Maybe someday we'll have one on our wall in our new house.

 Another favorite pastime Adam and I have at the art fair is looking for the most terrifying artwork that we can find--we like to make jokes about using it to decorate a child's room. Today we found some enchanting moon artworks that would be just fine for a child to see, except that they had holes cut in them with terrifying little monster figures sticking out. Totally fit the bill for our long-running joke (going on three years, I believe?)

We like anything that promises nightmares, bonus points for recurring ones.

 Oh yes, it's Topsy's. A steal at $3. Pairs nicely with a limeade.

Adam took this pic of his old apartment building, centrally located right on Ward Parkway. We still miss his location, parking spot, and immaculately clean and brilliantly cold pool. We still get wistful when we think about it. We had some good days there.

Am currently embellishing pillowcases for our new casa's guest room. I will post some good progress pics.

Happy weekend!