The latest

Thanks for indulging me as I share basically all the cool pictures I've taken since my husband gave me an awesome 50 mm lens for my Canon for my birthday.

The lens kills it on portraits and I love the depth of field. It's pretty rad.

We've just returned from the Plaza Art Fair, a major event that draws jumbo crowds and offers cool art and indulgent dinner choices. Oh and lots of booze.

Earlier we visited our brand new house and made arrangements to get some work done (away with you, popcorn ceilings) and then we headed to the Topsy's stand at the art fair for some actual popcorn. It was delicious.

My sadness in leaving our rental house amounts to leaving my impatiens, which are pictured above. I bought them from the River Market back in April or May and they have been thriving, especially with the cooler temps and rain lately. We can't try to move them or it would be the end for them--I might have to sneak over and water them until their season ends. I have loved seeing them every morning.

The thriving sage plant is coming with us. 

In other garden news, we discovered a rogue tomato plant growing in our compost pile. I haven't been tending it too closely, just dumping out scraps from my dinner prep, but today I was digging around and got hit in the face with that pungent tomato plant smell. Upon closer inspection, the plant was fully grown but sprawled out all over. We are way past staking it. Who can say what will come of that? I won't tell the plant that the seasons are changing this week. There may be some tomatoes for the new tenant if we have an Indian Summer.

Other pics include my mouton, or my sheep. Little Prince fans will recognize the phrase: Draw me a sheep. I embroidered one and in order to do so I had to ask someone to draw me a sheep. So that worked out pretty cool. The sheep body is made of hundreds of French knots and I may have finally perfected my technique. 

Pretty fun.

I have more art fair pics to post here in a bit. I would post them now but Kitten wants in my lap and I must tend to her.

Stay tuned.