We have a winner

Adam is popcorned out. We returned to the Plaza Art Fair for a second day of Topsy's limeades and popcorn this afternoon. Today was another gorgeous day with cool breezes and warm sunshine.

Yesterday I mentioned that our favorite art fair game is to find creepy artwork for children's rooms. We did some close examination today and found some great examples that would be a perfect nursery gift if you're trying to be really passive aggressive toward the parents (or don't like children).

I should've gotten the name of the artist so we could properly recognize them here. But I was in a hurry to take the pictures because I was afraid I would be shooed away.

Armed monkey in space!

This bunny (below) looks wise, but not quite in a kid-friendly way. More like the original Alice in Wonderland (not the Disney version.)

Time to work on my johnny jump-ups cross-stitch pillow. 

More later.