Give me Liberty

Kitten continues to find clever places to perch herself in her new sewing room. My sewing room? I think we ceded control to her long ago. She is currently trying to perch herself on the laptop while simultaneously asking me to play.

I am plugging away at my cathedral squares, which is the perfect project for this season because it's a mix of intensive cutting and ironing in the sewing room balanced against the handstitching portion of the work that I can do while watching re-runs of Downton Abbey. Or whatever football game my husband has on in the background.

I ordered some lovely Liberty fabrics this weekend to add to my cathedral squares and I can't wait for their arrival. I will be sure to post pictures.

 Kitten managed to hop up onto a double-sized mattress propped on its side against the wall. We still aren't sure how she managed to leap that high.

Cathedral squares

Kitten loves sitting on this laptop. I think she likes the squishiness of the keyboard under her little paws.

Detail pic of the Liberty and Grandma scraps cathedral square. Those safety pins have been a lifesaver (or finger-saver). So much less dangerous than strait pins!

Hope you are having a lovely Columbus Day. It's a perfect fall day here.

Oh and have you seen this? Baby girl clothes in Liberty fabrics from J. Crew. How can they release this upon the world? Who could resist?