Man, oh man

Order is slowly restoring itself to our abode. Adam and I can't believe we moved last weekend. It seems like ages ago.

We are slowly settling in and getting back to things we love, like playing Scrabble, cooking good meals, listening to cool new music and sewing.

Portugal. The Man is coming to town soon and I've been listening to them in my sewing room, along with the new Grouplove and Small Pools.

I remember posting something about the cathedral squares I was making with my favorites of my Grandma's scraps, but I had kind of stalled out because I didn't have enough of these delicate florals to move forward. But that was before I ordered a Liberty bundle from Purl Soho. The fabrics are so delicate and pretty that I finally feel like I've found something refined enough to match my Grandma's collection.

Liberty's backstory is pretty cool, too. It's a British company that's been around for ages and made a name for itself designing high quality fabric with florals inspired by famous gardens throughout Britain. So these jewel-tone patterns are really a perfect match for my painstaking cathedral square handiwork. 

I'm glad to be back to work (and inspired.)

Here's the first square I sewed in with the Liberty last night. Isn't this fabric lovely? I have been ironing the squares, as described in this tutorial, with help from Kitten who keeps trying to walk on my laptop and pausing my music while I work. Alright, so she's not all that helpful, she's just good company. She is currently sleeping on my bundle of Liberty fabrics.

One of the many chai lattes I've picked up from Starbucks since fall officially began. People keep talking about the Pumpkin Spice Latte and I don't get it. Give me a chai latte any day.

Adam and I may have detoured to the Cosentino's Downtown market for lunch one day after a trying experience at the downtown DMV. So we had some chocolate cream pie to make up for it (Tippin's!). Holy moly, it was good.

See what I mean?

Although we're not fully up and running, we are well past this state of things. Thanks to Adam and his master organization skills. 

Time for me to sew.