Here I am, friends

Hello there, Internet.

You may have been wondering where I am, but I've been here all along. Maybe not posting to my blog, which has been looking pretty neglected these past few months, but I've done a great deal of Googling queries like these:

Taylor Swift songs for handbells
How to direct a handbell choir (not that hard, says the Internet)
Home remedies for quilting injuries
When will the cat start to love the baby? (maybe never)
Starbucks latte K-Cups (they don't exist)
Taza (because I'm too lazy to type in

I have nearly one million updates and not a clue where to begin. So I'll begin with the cathedral squares:

We have made great progress on this project, which I started nearly three years ago. I say "we" because it's not just me working on finishing it. I've had wonderful help from dear friends and family to pick up the pace and get it finished. It will be given to a wonderful friend of mine and I'm excited to say that there's just a bit left to go. I dare say that March is a realistic goal.

 Oh look! There's Kitten!

And more Kitten! The fabrics in this quilt are more varied than before because my friends shared their scraps with me. It's so much better this way!

We even had an old fashioned quilting bee in October, which was more fun that I imagined it could be. I would definitely suggest trying it out.

I have other project pictures to post:
Bicycle embroidery using waste canvas
Toddler mittens
Infant mittens
Lemon sweetrolls
New sewing table arrangement
Quilting progress on decades old and forgotten quilt pieces (Robert Kauffman Betty Dear! backing fabric--it's so gorgeous)
Receiving blankets!
The list could go on.

But let's be honest here--most of the pictures I take these days look like this:

So maybe you won't mind if I just post these? And you'll excuse me for my recent and dreadful waste canvas entry that posted twice from my phone?

Maybe just one more? (Or a few?)

And I'll be back soon! Because you must see this vintage quilt I'm working on! And maybe a dozen more photos of my Love Bug?

See you later, friends!