Our headliner

 We celebrated our little guy's first birthday over the weekend.

I had big plans to post pics of my progress on embroidered pillowcases, but I've already been accused once today of burying the lede, so let's start with the good stuff.

He was the happiest trooper at his party, even though he hadn't felt great earlier. He really perked up and gave us lots of smiles. 
I embroidered the bicycle on his sunsuit and sewed it together using a pattern that was used to make Adam an outfit when he was little.

It was the greatest day!

Now who is still at all interested in pillowcases cross-stitched using waste canvas?

Well, just in case: 

You know I'm into sustainability, right? Well, I think I have stumbled on the most genius sustainability project of my sewing career thus far. I made the sunsuit below as a practice run on the birthday outfit for my little guy's birthday (it was a fail--too small). But I used an old workshirt of my husband's, cutting it down and re-using different pieces from it to make the outfit--even the buttons are repurposed.


So I'm thinking this could be my thing. It's a way to make something darling out of a shirt that has been lost to busted elbows. I could also amend the pattern to make little dresses. Anyway, super enthused about the potential. And it gives me one less excuse to acquire fabric. Pretty important as I Marie Kondo my way through the sewing room.

Check in with you later, dudes.