Pretty pillowcases

Oh my gosh!

I have a new computer with a brand-new screen that doesn't blink in and out when I'm working on my blog posts. It feels so unfamiliar to me.

Do you remember long ago I posted about using waste canvas to cross-stitch johnny jump-ups on fabric so I could sew pillowcases?

I have pics of how they finally turned out!

I tried to take a few pics so you could see all of the details. I love them! I gave them to dear friends of mine as a wedding gift and they told me that they will cherish them for their handmade details. Yay!

I decided to make a new set of zinnias with citrus colors. Reminds me of the flowers that Adam and I had in our engagement photos:

 Who is this darling little bumblebee that snuck in my blog post?

Anyway, I finished the first pillowcase and am finalizing the second. More pics soon! It's such a fun and easy project. You should totally try it!