Adding heart


Well I've been hand quilting up a storm lately. The Internet is a fount of vintage quilt designs and I want to mix them all together. 

I read the thoughts of one blogger who said that machine quilting adds nothing but thread--you must quilt by hand to add heart. 

The thing is--I'm really enjoying the stitching. Transferring the patterns is not my strength. I try different methods and they kind of work, but I always feel like I'm missing something. Such a novice! 

One blog suggested a silver quilting pencil so I bought two. Then the package said the lead wouldn't fade and I was scared to use it. Lead? On my quilt?! 


Then my brilliant husband noted: "I don't think that they use lead in consumer products anymore."

Novice indeed. Confidence restored, I motored on.

Thanks for checking in, dears. More soon.