We lumberjacks are mad for plaid


We are bundling up like lumberjacks in Kansas City this week--the wind is blowing a bitter cold. Fortunately, I spend most of the year collecting various plaid in both flannel and wool, so we are all set.

One of these days pretty soon we are going into ACTUAL lumberjack mode when we take out the junk trees at our Montgall parcels so we can plant the first of our apple trees.  The resulting fruit will eventually, we hope, provide a low-cost sustainable food source for underserved children and families.

I have been very encouraged by all of you, friends and family, to see this happen and I cannot wait to get to work on our soil to build something good. 

Our workdate is set for Saturday, March 19 barring snow or a downpour. But I checked the farmers almanac and the weather sounds promising, "sunny and cold." More deets coming soon, but message me if you need more info now. We need to take out 26 junk trees and their roots so we will take all the help we can get! 

Thanks for your good wishes! I appreciate them!