Dancing in the rain


I have finally convinced my little fella to wear these ah-maze rain boots by teaching him how to jump in rain puddles. We are having a good time with it. 

We have been getting drenched lately--good news for my garden. So today, I busted out my old rain boots. They have been in the trunk of my car for who-knows-how-long. Probably circa 2009. Gardening in soggy dirt is so much easier when you are wearing boots up to your knees. 

We did a tremendous amount of weeding and tending to our various gardens. The butterfly garden I planted to memorialize my old buddy Bill boasts two butterfly bushes, five milkweeds, a peony and a bunch of ratty looking ranunculus. In the midst of planting all this I realized that it's a nice gesture for Bill and all, but if he comes back, he ain't coming back as no butterfly. He's coming back as a gangsta! 

We will be waiting awhile for blooms on those, but our roses already have blooms! 



This is our first from a climbing vine we planted last year. It spent a whole year growing and stretching out to prepare for blooming this year. We can't wait to see what it has in store.

In other news, we are propagating rose clippings and gardenia shoots in our little Norwegian greenhouse in the backyard. They are wilty and sort of sad looking, but the internet said that might happen. Hope to share progress soon!